Fish Noodles 鱼面 (±250g) [Frozen]

Fish Noodles 鱼面 (±250g) [Frozen]

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PappaFish works with more than 10 trusted local fisheries in Peninsular Malaysia and Sabah to bring you fresh, quality fish and seafood daily at reasonable prices.

• We provide more than 50 types of assorted fishes and shellfish
• Complete scaling, gutting, and cleaning
• Quick-frozen and vacuum-packed
• No preservatives and chemicals
• Money-back guarantee

【鱼爸爸】与马来西亚半岛和沙巴逾10 家信誉良好的渔商合作,以合理的价格为你带来新鲜优质的鱼和海鲜。

• 我们提供超过 50 种的鱼类和贝壳类
• 已去鱼鳞、去内脏、清洗
• 速冻和真空包装
• 绝无防腐剂和化学品
• 退款保证