About Us

At Pappafish, we know the nutritional value of fish and seafood make them an essential part of a healthy diet. There is a saying “Teach a man to fish, and you’ve fed them for a lifetime.” You may have a craving for a fresh catch, but in these modern times, who really has time for that? Also, not all of us have the time to drive all the way to a fishing village to get fresh fish and seafood as well.

That’s why we started Pappafish to provide a source of 100% fresh, nutritious and quality fish and seafood products, to match the effort you put into caring for your family. Having more than 10 years of experience in the fishing industry, you may consider us as your personal fishmonger, where we work with more than 10 trusted and reputable local fisheries in Peninsular Malaysia as well as Sabah to bring you fresh and sustainably sourced fish and seafood. All our fish are caught with the Surrounding Net instead of the Pull Net to minimize fish injury.

To ensure premium-quality freshness, all the fresh-caught are well kept in ice cubes and deliver daily (11pm – 3am) to our Headquarter. If the fish is from Sabah, it will be flown in by plane. In the factory, all of the fish and seafood are thoroughly checked and handpicked for freshness. The process of scaling, gutting, cleaning, quick-freezing and vacuum-packing are all completed in a clean, hygienic and temperature-controlled environment. For your convenience, a personalized cutting service is available for fresh fish upon request for FREE!

As our top priority is to provide exquisitely fresh fish and seafood which enable you to consume with a peace of mind, all our fish and seafood are free of preservatives and chemicals. Our fish and seafood are wild-caught from the sea by local fishermen instead of farming. We do not sell pond fish, lake fish and river fish. With more than 50 types of fishes and shellfish found in Malaysian water, from small mackerels to premium grouper fish, we are sure you will be able to surprise your taste bud every time you order from us!

Now you can enjoy the freshest quality fish and seafood via a few clicks to place your order with Pappafish online. We will deliver to your doorstep with a 100% money-back freshness guarantee! Yes, we want you and your family to enjoy every single bite with the greatest satisfaction and bliss!


这就是为什么我们创立了鱼爸爸,致力提供 100% 新鲜、营养和优质的鱼类和海鲜产品,以符合您为照顾家人饮食所付出的努力。拥有超过 10 年的渔业经验,您可以放心视我们为您的私人专属鱼贩。我们与马来西亚半岛和沙巴逾10 家信誉良好的渔商合作,为您带来新鲜的鱼类和海鲜。我们所有的鱼产都是用围网而不是拉网捕获的,这样可以大大减少对鱼产的伤害。

为了确保优质的新鲜度,所有新鲜捕获的鱼产会被保存于冰块中,每天(晚上 11 点至凌晨 3 点)运送到总部。至于来自沙巴的鱼产,则会被空运过来。在工厂里,所有的鱼类和海鲜都经过彻底检查和精心挑选以确保其新鲜。所有去鱼鳞、去内脏、清洗、速冻和真空包装的过程都在清洁、卫生和温控的环境中完成。为了方便您,我们也应您的要求提供免费的鲜鱼切割服务!

由于我们的首要考量是提供优质新鲜的鱼类和海鲜让您安心食用,因此我们所有的鱼类和海鲜均不含防腐剂和化学物质。我们的鱼类和海鲜是当地渔民从海里野生捕捞的,而不是养殖。我们也没有出售池塘鱼、湖鱼和河鱼。马来西亚的水域拥有超过 50 种鱼类和贝壳类,从小鲭鱼到优质石斑鱼,我们相信您每次从我们这儿下单的鱼产都会给您的味蕾带来惊喜!